Shipping Information

Each year in January U.S. Postal Service rates increase. We make every effort possible to reduce the impact this has on our customers.

We calculate shipping according to weight because this allows us to provide you with the most accurate shipping rates.

Fabric weighs approximately 0.33 lbs per yard.
Patterns weigh approximately 0.125 lbs each.

PLEASE NOTE! The following tables provide estimated shipping costs. If you are charged significantly more than the actual cost to us, we will refund the difference.
If you have any questions regarding shipping, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can give you an exact shipping estimate based on the products in your order.

United States, Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands
Weight (in lbs) Approx. Yardage Shipping
< 0.25 0 to 0.75 $2.95
0.25 to 0.49 1 to 1.5 $3.95
0.50 to 2.49 1.75 to 7.5 $6.65
2.50 to 6.99 7.5 to 20 $13.60
7 to 11.99 20 to 36 $18.85
12 to 19.99 36 to 60 $37.70
20 to 35 60 to 100 $50
more than 35 lbs Please contact us

Weight (in lbs) Shipping
< 0.50 $10
0.50 to 0.90 $15.50
0.91 to 1.75 $18
1.76 to 2.40 $23.95
2.41 to 3.65 $26
3.66 to 4.99 $40
5 to 6.99 $45.95
7 to 35 $70
more than 35 lbs Please contact us

Everywhere Else
Weight (in lbs) Shipping
< 0.25 $15
0.25 to 0.58 $22
0.59 to 2.50 $33.95+
2.51 to 5.00 $68+
5.01 to 6.99 $75+
7 to 9.99 $90+
10 lbs or more Please contact us

International Customers

We can package up to 8 yards of fabric into a single International Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope - sometimes more depending on the weave of the fabric. Orders containing 9 to 16 yards ship in two separate Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes.
We always endeavor to ship your orders as cost-effectively as possible. If there is a significant difference between the shipping you paid and the cost to us, we will refund it.

Several patterns will fit into a Flat Rate Envelope without adding to the shipping cost. Our shipping calculator is not this sophisticated. For example, if you order 7 yards of fabric and two patterns, the weight of the patterns will push the order to the next shipping tier even though it will fit into a single envelope. We adjust the shipping charge accordingly when this occurs. If you're unsure about what your charge might be just send us an e-mail and we will confirm the shipping charge.

Customs forms will state the retail value of the goods ordered less any discounts (this does not include the shipping charge).
Customs duties may apply upon receipt and are the responsibility of the customer. Some countries such as the UK have extremely high import fees. Please research your country's specific value thresholds and taxes before placing your order so there are no surprises.

International Flat Rate Priority Envelopes to certain countries are now trackable by the United States Postal Service.
Large orders shipping to International destinations will be packaged and shipped in the most cost effective manner possible. For these orders you will be charged the top table rate during checkout. After the actual amount is calculated you will receive a follow up Paypal invoice by e-mail for any additional shipping charges (or a refund if it's less). The order will ship upon payment of this invoice.